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“You Have Made Erroneous Statements” – Frontera against Kaladze

The Frontera company management has released a special letter concerning the recent statement made by Georgian Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze. Namely, the company management appraises the Minister’s statement as erroneous and false.

On February 5, 2016 the Georgian Energy Minister released an erroneous statement around the Atlantic Council’s report on natural gas reserves in Georgia. The Minster’s statement has caused false impressions in the society around the Frontera-provided works in the Kakheti Region, the company letter reads.

„You have made comments on the positive reactions in the mentioned report around natural gas considerable reserves discovered as a result of Frontera’s research works in the Kakheti Region, Georgia. Since you are the Minister and enjoy much public confidence, a great number of news agencies and social networks have widely covered and spread these erroneous statements made by you.

Therefore, we want to introduce genuine and true facts to you and the Georgian population about the works we have provided in the growing natural gas sector of Georgia”, the company statement reads.

Frontera representatives assert that Kaladze’s phrase “They announced such volumes that are not recorded even in Turkmenistan” does not reflect the reality.

“The confirmed natural gas reserves of Turkmenistan make up 626 trillion cubic pounds (17.5 trillion cubic meters).

The initial perspective volumes are bigger. The government of Turkmenistan has announced higher volumes and both figures exceed our discovered volumes considerably – 187 trillion cubic pounds (5.31 trillion cubic meters), the letter reads.

 Kakha Kaladze, Georgian Energy Minister said that the information released by Frontera Company concerned the amount of gas which Turkmenistan did not have at all. 

Kaladze thus commented on the report published by the Atlantic Council based on which the amount of gas storage discovered in South Kakheti Gas Complex reaches 3, 8 trillion cubic meters.

Energy Minister explained that Frontera has operated in Georgia for 20 years and the license which is annually renewed to the company does not mention any such kind of works.