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Citrus in Georgia

Turkey – Russia Trade War: Second Chance for Georgian Citrus

A recently erupted trade war between Turkey and Russia may boost Georgian citrus export to Russia

Russia wants to replace Turkish citruses by fruit from various countries, including Georgia. Georgian oranges and tangerines are already exported to the Russian market, but if the northern neighbor announces a trade war with Turkey, Georgian exports to Russia will likely increase.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture Gela Samkharauli believes that this process will contribute to the sales growth in Georgia.

Samkharauli notes that sales growth of citruses will depend on the demand and the quality of the Georgian product.

George Chkhartishvili, CEO of the Citrus Growers Association, also predicts a sales growth. According to him, despite the risks, Georgian business must use this chance.

Nino Zambakhidze, Chairman of the Farmers’ Association, says that the business operators should make a decision on exports growth to Russia considering all the risks and take responsibility for themselves.

In response to the attack on Su-24 by a fighter aircraft of the Turkish Air Force, Russia started to restrict imports of goods from Turkey. Suppliers already face problems at customs posts and clearance, as importers say. Import from Turkey to Russia amounted to $1 billion in last ten months only.

Minister of Agriculture of the RussiaAlexander Tkachev told the Russian “Kommersant” that Turkish fruit can be replaced by products from Iran, Morocco, Israel, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan.