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The International Conference on PHC Reform Will be Held in Tbilisi

On 16 July at 11:00 the National Medical Training Center (Simulation Center) by Ministry of Labor, Healthcare and Social Affairs will host the international conference “Primary Health Care (PHC): Future Perspectives in Georgia”.

The conference will be held in the frame of the agreement regarding elaboration of healthcare system signed on 6 April between the international consulting group Global Alliance (GAHSC) and Georgian government.

Georgian Ministry of Healthcare has announced the new priority branch parallel to the programs of general healthcare and Hepatitis C elimination, this is the reform of the primary level of healthcare.

“I’d like to outline clearly that this will be the general reform of the primary healthcare. It happened that during the last years or rather decades there was not paid enough attention to the primary healthcare (PHC) and the whole focus was concentrated on the hospital sector. In general this has happened to many countries. It is clear that such attitude consists several risks, as primary healthcare is not fulfilling its part, which in ideal situation is to manage 80% of medical needs and only 20% should be given to the stationary treatment. Although in our reality this should be a management of the medical needs” – states Sergeenko.

The conference organized by the “Global Alliance” will be opened by the Minister of Labor, Healthcare and Social Affairs David Sergeenko. The opening speeches will be held by Dr. Jean-Elie Malkin, President of International Consular Group “Global Alliance” (GAHSC).

Conference format consist the presentations of experts of “Global Alliance” Prof. Peter Makara and Prof. Andrei Mechineanu on the following topics: “Primary healthcare: Main Pillar for Provision of System of Healthcare Services” and “Primary healthcare in Georgia: Innovation and Reinvestment”

There will be organized a discussion around the presentations of the “Global Alliance” experts, in the discussion there will be involved of the Ministry of Healthcare, the representatives of the primary healthcare units of the capital and regions, donor organizations, Georgian medical society and interested groups.

Professor Peter Makara

Since 2011 is a Professor of Public Health at Budapest Semmelweis University. 2009-2011 was a head of the Debrecen University Magister School in Health Politics. Together with the academic activities his carrier maintains the work on the health politics within the frames of Hungarian national institutions and UN organizations. 1999-2001 he was a regional advisor on European healthcare politics of Healthcare World Organization Copenhagen Office. He owns a deep knowledge of Western as well as Eastern European healthcare systems.

Doctor Andrei Mechineanu

He is a specialist of Public healthcare and healthcare systems. He finished Moldova State Medical Pharmaceutical University faculty of public healthcare and management. He owns an experience of managing the wide scaled programs in healthcare sector, as well as within the frame of Ministry of Healthcare and non-commercial sector. He has a deep advisory experience for Healthcare World Organization, World Bank, UNICEF and UNFPA in the direction of evaluation researches and other tasks. His technical education overlaps such problems of healthcare as online and mobile medical services, planning and analyzing the healthcare and social systems and medical informational system.