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What are Georgia’s Highest and Lowest Paid Jobs?

The average monthly salary is the highest in the financial sector and the lowest in the education field  throughout Georgia.

Generally, in the fourth quarter of last year, the average monthly wage of a person who is employed in the financial sector amounted 1548 GEL while it was 541 GEL in the field of education.

According to “Geostat“, in the list of high-paid spheres mining, transport and communication sectors are also included. In those fields monthly average salary is 1283 GEL. Herewith, the average monthly compensation for the workers who are employed in the field of gas and electricity distribution, amounted 1170 GEL.

Based on the information Geostat provides, people who are employed at state government field their salary is determined at amount of 1450 GEL.

Average salary for the workers in the fields of restaurants and hotels, are 648 GEL. Whereas in agricultural field it amounts 691 GEL.

In addition, employees in the fields of Health care and Social assistance having average monthly salary of 882 GEL.

Inequality in pay between men and women remains high in Georgia. For example, one of the highest – paid work places are in the field of finance. Thus, the salary for women amounts 1215 GEL while for men it is 2060 GEL. So, we have inequality problem. Women and men are not receiving equal pay for equal work.