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The First Microelectric Power Plant in Imereti

Irakli Purtseladze is the first in Imereti who installed solar panels on the roof of his home and got involved in the Neto registration.

This means that the 27-year-old Irakli Solar Power Plant is connected to the network and in case of excess energy, the company receives electricity from it, in case of loss, which the meter registers the energy is given back.

Around 30 private and legal entities have solar power plant in Georgia.

“Electricity consumption grew by 7% last year, with some optimistic estimates. Economy doesn’t grow with this pace, neither generation of electricity, so we have to increase imports that will reflect on the electricity tariff and currency rates in the future.

Encouraging and popularization of alternative energy sources is not only important for economical, but also in terms of ecology, “Irakli Purtseladze told BM.

According to him, only in March he sold 210 kWh to the distribution company and bought 100 kWh from the network. The total output of the station totaled 320 kW / h.