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Technical Inspection of Vehicles not to be Mandatory

The introduction of mandatory technical inspection of vehicles is likely to be postponed for 2years in Georgia, and will enter into force on March 1, 2017 instead of 2015, – the Economic Council has recommended to the government.

Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development worked on the issue along with the Service Agency of the Internal Affairs Ministry, but until the completion of work, conditions of compulsory technical inspection are not made public.

As reported, vehicle inspection was  planned to restore from March 1, 2015. It is expected that the German company “TUV Rheinland”, which has extensive experience in the testing of vehicles and various equipment, will be engaged in this issue. The cost of the procedure is already known, it will amount to  GEL 48 per year.

According to preliminary information, owners of RHD cars  or transferred to the left right-hand drive will not have difficulties, but it was unknown if a transfer  of the steering wheel would be banned.

Opponents believe that the introduction of the technical inspection may exacerbate an already difficult social situation of citizens, as many cars cannot meet the necessary criteria. However, supporters of the inspection believe that its introduction will help improve the environment in the country.

As it is known, the bill on “Compulsory civil liability insurance of owners of motor vehicle ” is expected to be submitted to  Parliament in  2 months that will  postpone the enactment of mandatory auto insurance indefinitely.

Insurance operates on the following principle: if the  owner of the vehicle is guilty of a traffic accident, the driver is liable to pay  damages to the victim inflicted on the body, health, life or property. The insurance company will cover the damage instead of the insured driver. It is unknown how much the insurance  package will cost, however, experts believe that the price will not exceed GEL 100.

None of the governments enacted a mandatory technical inspection of vehicles, it had to be implemented during  the previous government in 2007, but was delayed in  the period of Saakashvili’s presidency.

Various reasons were named in differen periods , but all authorities avoided to name the real one.

As can be seen, the current government also afraids of the people’s reaction. Due to the very outdated vehicle fleet, severe economic and social background,  most  vehicles will not pass mandatory technical inspection that will cause dissatisfaction among the population, it  seems the authorities  thought that it would be an unpopular step.