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Tbilisi Bypass Railroad Project Calls for Building Underground Tunnel

One of the projects of Tbilisi Bypass Railroad calls for building an underground tunnel. Koka Guntsadze, head of supervisory board of Georgian Railway, told the Analytics that the project makes focus on both railroad and ecological aspects. It is upon the Government to take a final decision, he said.

“We discussed several projects. Currently, this project has been suspended. We have introduced our positions and arguments. Tbilisi City Hall introduced its own visions. We have adjusted these positions and outlined several optimal variants. As a result, the final decision will be passed in the near future. 

The required territory will be freed definitely to ensure urban development, but this cannot happen at the expanse of Georgian Railway, because we are building deepwater seaport to grow transportation capacity of the country and in this situation it is impossible to reduce transportation capacity in some sections of the railway network.

Project revision was very difficult process. Foreign companies also joined the process and they have performed consulting services. The project calls for building underground tunnel. This is one of the important issues, but the final decision depends on the government”, Koka Guntsadze said.