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Jean-Elie Malkin

Social Initiative “What Hurts?” to Help Health Ministry Determine Public Needs

Georgian Health Minister David Sergeenko and President of Global Alliance Jean-Elie Malkin have held a joint news conference and introduced a joint social project – “What Hurts?”

The Georgian Health Minister and the Global Alliance president overviewed the importance of this project.

The project calls for inquiring Georgian citizens through special questionnaires starting January 25.

The new initiative is to assist the Georgian Health Ministry in precise determination of the medical needs in the Georgian society. Starting January 25 questionnaires will be able on the website (www.1505.ge) and the Health Ministry regional offices. The sociological research company will process and summarize the inquiry results.

The project has been developed to exactly determine the desires, expectations and needs of the Georgian population in terms of healthcare services, Georgian Health Minister David Sergeenko said.

Our country has taken serious steps for improving the Health system for  the past several years, but many challenges should be still resolved. Our social initiative calls for creating additional channel of communication with our society. The fact is the current communication is not sufficient to thoroughly explore the needs of our society.

Our current mechanisms cannot fully cover the target groups, while there positions and considerations are very important for us. Our objective is to fix any opinion and position and accumulate them in the resources, where we will simply and efficiently respond to the demands of our citizens to change and revise our plans based on the public opinion. There is no ideal and perfect health system anywhere in the world.

We know successful experience of several countries and interesting practices that Global Alliance is sharing to us as part of our cooperation. However, the attitude and position of our population is also very important and we plan to outline these moods. Therefore, we have backed the proposal of Global Alliance on organizing a joint inquiry”, David Sergeenko said.

We should determine the priorities of Georgian citizens, their expectations and demands in the healthcare system, Global Alliance president Jean-Elie Malkin said.

As part of “the What do you worry about?” social initiative, we will ask Georgian citizens to answer certain questions. For instance: how much do they spend on health, how much expenses do they consider optimal for health, are they content with the quality of medications, diagnostics and services, prices and so on.

The inquiry results will enable us to make our visions and approaches more realistic and valuable for further improvement and development of the healthcare field and to offer more realistic plans to the Ministry around the existing problems”, Jean-Elie Malkin added.

The questions may be answered on the www.1505.ge website and the Health Ministry official website, as well as at the public reception hall of the Health Ministry, regional and urgent medical assistance centers of the Health Ministry, the social agency service centers.

The sociological research company will process and summarize the inquiry results.

In April the Georgian Government and the Global Alliance international consulting group signed an agreement with the aim to develop and improve innovative instruments and mechanisms for the health system management. Global Alliance, led by Bernard Kouchner, the ex Foreign Minister and triple Health Minister of France, is staffed by worldwide recognized experts in the health system management issues.

The healthcare system improvement documentation has been already developed under the mentioned agreement. These documents call for reorganizing the primary health system, increasing efficiency of spending, expanding accessibility of medical services and medications, integrating with European healthcare norms and legislation and establishing European standards of management. At this stage, the document is being translated into Georgian. The Georgian government has extended the agreement with Global Alliance up to May 1.