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SOCAR’s Black Sea oil Terminal Ships 2,200 Tankers

On December 15, the 2,200th tanker was shipped from the Black Sea terminal of Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR in Kulevi, Georgia, reads a message posted on the terminal’s website.

The message said the Kulevi oil terminal started operating May 16, 2008, and it took less than a month for the terminal to receive the first tanker.

“For ten years of successful operation, the Kulevi port has developed its infrastructure to the level that can effectively meet the needs of any company. The capacity of the port increased and the share of operations including reception, loading and shipment of tankers also increased,” the message said.

“We intend to continue making every effort to provide the best and most professional services for our clients. We believe that our progress will continue in the future.”

In 2016, 152 tankers were shipped from the Kulevi terminal, which is 26.6 percent less than in 2015.

The terminal in Georgia’s Kulevi was commissioned in May 2008 and oil products’ transshipment started in June of the same year. The total capacity of the terminal is 10 million tons of oil cargo per year, including three million tons of oil, three million tons of diesel fuel and four million tons of fuel oil.

The total capacity of the terminal’s tank farm is 380,000 cubic meters.