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Silk Road Route Starts Transportation of Cargo Through Georgia

Georgian Railways declares, that route of 1 block-train is considered in per week at the starting stage, which should be increased for the future and bring different cargo in the mentioned corridor. Control train will perform its route in an agreed scheduled and frequency.

Guram Guramishvili, deputy director of “Georgian Railway” has talked about the advantage of new corridor with TV-company “Maestro”. Representative of one of the biggest company of the country declares, that the advantage of the corridor is joint tariffs, which simplifies operating to the shipping companies.

“We should have a joint tariff from China to European boarder”, Guram Guramishvili declares. He considers fusion of Ukraine and Romania to the New Silk Road as an essential event. It should be noted, that shipping companies will have preferential tariffs by 30-40% on this route comparing to base tariffs. “Joint tariff is the biggest achievement, which provides reference of freight corridor. Shipping companies, cargo owners will not have to come to several players separately and sign an agreement.

The entity can come to one of the player of the corridor and take total corridor tariff,” Guramishvili explains. To remind, new Silk Road Corridor is the shortest land road from China to Europe for cargo turnover. Several test trains have performed the routes.