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Senaki Bay Leaves Enterprise to Launch Exports to Germany

Laurus, Senaki-based bay leaves enterprise plans to launch exports to Germany.

The company director Vano Jalaghonia told the Business Contract that the test consignment will be sent to Germany in late November. Initially, the company will send 5 tons of products. If the product satisfies the EU quality requirements, 15 tons will be exported in the future.

Bay leaves are exported to Russia too, but Germany sets higher quality standards and laurel price is higher in EU countries, Jalaghonia noted.

We are ready to spend 1-2 USD more on production and achieve higher quality to sell our products are higher prices, the company director said.

 “In Germany they will pay 3 USD for one kilogram of test consignment. This is a low price, while in Russia they pay 2.5 USD for lower quality products. The price of bay leaves in Germany will be 5-12 USD, depending on the product quality”, the company director said.

To improve the product quality, the company plans to buy new equipments and obtain required financial resources from Produce in Georgia state program.