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Saxo Bank Predicts the Strengthening of Lari in 2016  

According to analysts of the Danish investment bank, in 2016 the lari will begin to strengthen, and the main reason for this is the end of the dollar growth.

“It is necessary to take into account a trend that remains outside the public eye – in particular, the negative correlation of the dollar in relation to US monetary policy. Accordingly, the lari gives investors a great opportunity as two components value and price necessary for investors are evident. That is the price that must be paid, and the value that the investor receives.”

“The Georgian national currency is a very good option. In 2016, More will be invested in the infrastructure of the Great Silk Road, the development of hydropower. Accordingly, Georgia has very good prospects for macroeconomic development next year. All these factors taken together will necessarily provide  a 10% growth rate of the lari in 2016,” say Saxo Bank analysts.

“Currently, the weakening of the Georgian national currency is caused by external factors, the whole region is experiencing this crisis,”- says the bank’s chief economist Steen Jakobsen. According to him, the positive trends will certainly begin.