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Role of Young Generation in Overcoming Modern Challenges

Social and economic changes in a country largely depends on scales of political and governance activities of young people.

Demographic factors, restrictions for continuous development, low salaries, unemployment, problems with professional and career growth, inefficient economic policy grow inequality between generations.  Today, Government has been trying to stimulate business activities among young citizens, improve their social environment through various programs. Special accent is made on upgrading an educational level of students, improving practical skills through various programs. The Government also cares for socially vulnerable families, provides promotion programs to beginner entrepreneurs.

However, intentions and ambitions are wider compared to real  approaches and implemented projects.

It is important to say that the country needs the dynamic resources for country development and these resources are accumulated in young generation. Georgian economy and better future of the country depends on young generation, who is capable of shaping strong policy, establishing unbiased approaches and standards in the country to ensure a reformation of state policy on global and regional levels.

Global research projects prove that today young people earn less compared to the previous period (in many countries revenues have shrunk by 20%). Revenues of young families in 7 major economies of Europe, the USA and Great Britain have considerably plunged.

Influence made by Georgia’s economic policy on social environment demonstrates the following tendency: over the past period (2015-2016), the number of weddings and expected longevity have significantly shrunk, number of divorced couples has increased, social inequality scales grow. The country has an army of social allowance beneficiaries.  Politics has not made essential influence on poverty. Subsidies for village residents have been suspended or reduced (vintage, land cultivation and so on).  We should analyze a wide range of factors that the young generation encounters, including: employment, attainability to financial resources, perspectives for  career growth, continuous development conditions. Research works prove that a growth in number of young scientist-researchers has a direct relation with economic development, enhancement of political involvement, innovations and reforms, radical and revolutionary changes. It is recognized that the ideology of politics cannot subdue young social resource and cannot make influence on its activity. Consequently, ratio of young people  in governance segment and politics is unimportant. It should be noted that outcomes of problem resolution efforts depend on the way of employment of public resources.

Young resources that create reputation and public values follows rather democratic, professional, moral and ethic principles. However, the attitudes towards young people determines barriers in career and self-establishment approaches. Consequently, social-economic and political steadiness of the country also complies with the mentioned approaches.

Stimulation of young people in political space is of crucial importance for governance balance and it determines governance results. Consolidated power of youth resource has potential to appraise pros and cons of the past and change Georgia’s social-economic and political environment through innovative and dynamic ideas. It should be noted that the Government rather talks than acts. Outcomes and effects of programs are  insignificant compared to the quantity of state offices involved in reformation process. It should be also stressed that young personnel has higher sense of responsibility for shaping the future and implementing reforms, compared to the old political environment.

Therefore, amid global changes and challenges, for the purpose of enhancing the competitive capacity of the country, it is of vital importance to carry out fundamental reforms oriented on young generation.

It should be stressed that today the country has the generation and its potential and authority, strategic thought and potential, scientific activity and willingness  nourish our belief in creating strong future.

Therefore, it should be noted that Georgian state and economy needs the following components to attain success:

  • Resource of young intellectuals and academic resources and their participation in state building process;
  • Governance of reformative and academic thought, which is magnificently accumulated in youth;
  • Introduction of standards and criteria, which should be created by state system policy and programs;
  • Leading role of science, education and digital technologies, as a basis for development of the country. If the political and governance chain realizes the advantage of the mentioned fields in Georgia, both the economy and system will make advancements;
  • Evaluation of outcomes of political and governance chains. In Georgia, over the past 4 years economic growth pace was ranging from 2.7% to 4.6%. Consequently, outcomes of governance solutions could not be reflected on revenues and averaged Georgian family. The country needs governance standards and, naturally, they should be based on evaluation and analysis of operation of governing chains.
  • State arrangement principle, when young generation is better than previous one. In the state, where a way is opened to new generation, to ensure a state development and increase economy and living conditions;
  • Social-economic and political problems may be resolved thanks to young intellectuals and academic resources, because in today’s digital epoch, the mentioned resource plays a decisive role;

And finally, the attitude towards young generation determines a development of social-economic, technological, political and business environment.

P.S. the article stresses advantage of  resource of young generation and this does not imply a restriction of any generation in the country.

Rati Abuladze, Doctor of Economy