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RMG Works on Enterprise Re-equipment and Introduction of Modern Technologies with Environmental Project

Several months have passed since the company RMG received specific comments from the Ministry of Environment Protection and the Ministry of Agriculture and directly from its head. The case concerned actions to eliminate soil and river Kazretula pollution. The deadline for the completion of works was set to December 31, 2020.

In order to solve this problem, JSC Executive Director Joni Shubitidze responds that the company is ready to eliminate historic pollution and important steps are being taken in this regard.

RMG started mining operation in April 2014. Consequently, the environmental problems that the minister is talking about and which is based on the Environmental Surveillance Survey of 2015-2016 is obviously not related to the RMG activity within 2-3 years. For example, the Madneuli mine has been operational since 1975, and environmental problems are over 40 years old. We reiterate once again that we are ready to deal with these problems and eradicate historic pollution and minimize it,”Shubitidze said.

The executive director of the company says that the company together with environmental projects are actively working on re-equipment and introduction of modern technologies.

Technological reboot will both make the company more efficient and profitable, and will significantly reduce environmental impacts. 5 million GEL is spent on environmental direction  and this amount will be increased by the end of the year.

“Almost all the actions to protect the river Kazretula from pollution are completed. In order to control the drainage of the water from the sewage reservoir, it is already in an active phase of arrangement of appropriate infrastructure, making important steps to eliminate soil and environmental pollution, we bought 4 expensive trucks that are intensely irrigated in the quarry and internal roads. It is necessary to note that  on the crusade complex which is one of the most important sources of dust, we installed a water pump system that minimized dust in the area of ​​the crust. The company will introduce many other innovations in the near future, “said Shubitidze.

Joni Shubitidze points out that the company is ready to provide information about planned and implemented events to all interested parties.