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Rehabilitation of Road Access to Tsalka, Dashbash Canyon

New road will be constructed to Tsalka. Kvemo Kartli governor Grigol Nemsadze says to Business course that there will be 1,5 km road. 372 thousand GEL is allocated for rehabilitation. According to the governor, 60% of rehabilitation road access to the canyon has been completed.

Grigol Nemsadze says that region has a special tourism potential and it’s a priority to improve infrastructure.

Part of the project has already implemented in 2017 and resting part is in active phase.

246 infrastructure project is planned for 2017, worth of 41 million GEL. more than 111 million GEL is allocated from local budget, 189 projects are in process, 29 project is sponsored by municipality, which is 22 million GEL amount. In addition, 10 project has raised by regional fund, more than 6 million GEL is invested”,- says Grigol Nemsadze.

21 million worth project ”United Water Supply of Georgia” has already started, in which framework Gardabani villages- Martkopi, Akhalsopeli and Vaziani will be provided by water supply.

The first stage of the project is worth of 8 million and will be completed by December. The next part will start in next year. There is a big issue of water supply in mentioned villages, that’s why it’s very important to implement this action”,-says Grigol Nemsadze.