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Rehabilitation of Akhtala Begins in 2019

In the spring of 2019 rehabilitation works will begin on the medicinal-balneological resort Akhtala. According to its head, the construction will take 2-3 years.

According to the privatization conditions, the buyer has to invest at least 12 000 000 GEL and set up a hotel complex with 120 rooms that include outdoor and indoor swimming pools, restaurants, rehabilitation and recreational centers, as well as at least The car park for 50 cars. In addition, at least 50 people will be employed in the complex, and 80% of the residents employed in the resort, in case of their consent, maintain labor relations.

“Akhtala” was sold for 3 760 000 lari in June, 2018. Currently, its owner is “Global Victory Georgia”, whose 100% share holder is registered in the United Arab Emirates Global Victory Investments Limited. Earlier Balneological Resort was in state ownership.

The medicinal – balneological resort Akhtala is the only one in Georgia where nervous system, bone-joints, gynecological, urological, gynecological, dermatological diseases are treated with special mud.