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Qatar Airways – Answer to Future Economic Challenges

Qatar Airways – Answer to Future Economic Challenges

The Airline of the Future that Goes Ahead of the Time

Let’s start with facts and indicators. Qatar Airways has won several awards at the Skytrax world airline award ceremony in the following nominations: the world’s best airline of the year, the best business class seat and the Middle Asia best airline of the year.

For the third time, Qatar Airways has obtained the title of the world’s best airline of the year. The airline transports passengers and consignments to 152 destinations worldwide.

Founded in 1993 the airline launched operation in January 1994 and currently Qatar Airways employs 19 000 persons and holds 166 airplanes performing flights to various destinations in Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Far East, South Asia, Small Asia, North America, South America and the Oceania. To put simply, Qatar Airways is one of the leading air companies in the world.

What factors Have Ensured Such Success for 20 Years?

Since the independence announcement in 1991, Georgia’s economic policy experts have been complaining about a lack of the so-called strategic natural resources to ensure quick progress and welfare in the country. This consideration was very popular in that time. Because of a lack of knowledge in the modern economy principles, our society was seeking alternatives to natural oil and gas and relied on mineral water and tea. But it turned out, and modern tendencies of the global economy development more evidently emphasize this consideration, everything comes to the end. Natural resources also expire after a certain while and no resources are able to ensure eternal welfare. Qatar Airways is a product of this finding and this is one of the answers of Qatar to the future challenges.

Founded in 1993 the company received the first profits in the 2004 fiscal year. At the end of 2004 Qatar Airways Group, which, besides airlines, unites cargo company, a Hamad International Airport and other companies, had transported 3.5 million passengers and continued efforts for getting into the list of leading airlines. In 2007 the company sealed a mutual understanding memorandum with Airbus company and they set up strategic partnership.

However, the success of Qatar Airways was not driven by only the strategic choice and reasonable investing of revenues from natural resources extraction. The company CEO Sheikh Akbar Al Baker noted the success is based on a combination of three main aspects: service of high-standard flights, best onboard products and refined operating performance.

There are trivial phrases and ready clichés that describe the performance of a business organization, including such as: “always consumer-oriented”, “consumer-caring”, “innovation-oriented and so on.

These terms are frequently used to bubble the performance of this or that company. As to Qatar Airways, all these terms seem natural and accurate in relation to this airline, but they incompletely reflect the airline’s performance and its competitive advantages.

Starting with simplicity in booking and buying a ticket ending with entertainment services onboard, Qatar Airways has been moving to service improvement to maintain competitive advantage. Top quality in food services, skilful and well-trained staff, ultra modern airplanes and the vast space at Hamad International Airport in Doha – All these aspects grant a title of the airline of the future to Qatar Airways that has become a favorite air company for consumers oriented on quality and comfort.