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Primary Health Care Reform Discussed at the National Family Medicine Training Center

Today the Deputy Healthcare Minister Valeri Kvaratskhelia and the President of  the international consulting company Global Alliance, Jean-Elie Malkin visited Family Medicine National Training Center in Tbilisi.

Jean Elie Malkin

Their visit aims at familiarizing themselves with the daily functioning of the leading Primary Health Care institution in Georgia; it is especially interesting for the Deputy Minister and the President of Global Alliance in the framework of the Primary Health Care Reform. Global Alliance supports Ministry in planning and implementing the Primary Health Care reform in Georgia.

The Center serves more than 45,000 beneficiaries. A well-equipped laboratory, pre-registration and e-call functions are available at the Center. Special emphasis is made on the family doctor as the main actor in Primary Healthcare.

Primary Healthcare has been announced as the new priority recently by the Ministry of Health Care. The reform is implemented together with the elimination of Hepatitis C and Universal Healthcare programs. Draft of the final plan will be completed in October.

The main goal of the reform is increasing the practice of preventive medicine in the country. Jean-Elie Malkin, Valeri Kvaratskhelia, and Beka Ioseliani made statements in this regard.

“We are now on the way to support government of Georgia as Global Alliance, in order to improve all the components of the health care system, including Primary Health Care and Primary Health Care is of most critical importance in the entire system of care service delivery,” Jean-Elie Malkin said.

“Primary Health Care represents the basis and foundation of health care overall. I had a hypothetical idea as to how such a system would operate, but I had no practical example until I visited this Center. This will make our progress faster,” Valeri Kvaratskhelia said. “In October we will hold a conference, which will address issues of Primary Healthcare,” he added.

“What makes our Center stand out is the statistical database and automated systems such as quality-oriented payment system and prevention-oriented services, using which we manage cardiovascular risks. We have shown serious achievements in this field,” Beka Ioseliani said.