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PMC Research Center: Dialogue of EU Integration Process for Moldova and Georgia

PMC Research Center (PMC RC), with the support of International Visegrad Fund hosts a two-day knowledge-sharing workshop to facilitate the effective management of the EU integration for Georgia and Moldova.

The aim of the event is to assist Georgian and Moldovan businesses and Governments to have a better coordinated dialogue on potential costs and benefits in the EU integration process. More specifically, the timely implementation of DCFTA.

In the framework of the workshop, Visegrad countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) will share their positive experience they accumulated in the process of creating effective platform for dialogue between public and private sector.

Key stakeholders from Georgia, Moldova and Visegrad countries, such as: government agencies, business associations, experts, international organizations and donors (EBRD, EIB, WB, IFC, USAD, EU and others) will participate in the event.

Sharing experience of Central European countries will allow Georgia and Moldova to manage the process of EU approximation more effectively. It will also assist the governments to introduce such policies that will support small and medium businesses and inform business about all the benefits and procedures that will support their competitive entry at the European 500 million market.

On the other hand, dialogue will give society opportunity to obtain detailed information about the opportunities Association Agreement offers.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, the second workshop of the project will be held in Chisinau, Moldova, on October 21-23, 2015.

The workshops are held under the International Visegrad Fund project “Sharing Experience of Public-Private Dialogue in EU Integration Process for Moldova and Georgia”, that is implemented by PMC Research Center.