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Georgian PM's visit to Dalian Economic Forum /Official page Irakli Garibashvili

PM for Telegraph: Georgia Can Help Build a Silk Road of Trade from Brighton to Beijing

Georgia’s PM Irakli Garibashvili writes an article for Telegraph UK, on country’s Silk Road ambitions, highlighting Georgia’s role and strategic location connection east and west, south and north.

Writing for the British publication, Garibashvili raised the topic of China-UK trade and in parallel to Georgia’s goal to be part of the renewed ancient Silk Road:

Just as the Chinese president’s visit was historic for the UK, the two-day Tbilisi forum was momentous for Georgia and our region. The stakes attached to both events are huge. The UK aspires to become a leading trade partner for China, while Georgia seeks to boost investment and economic growth through the revival of the ancient Silk Road.

“The Silk Road region accounts for two thirds of the world’s population and 60 per cent of its GDP. It has the potential to become a key force to expand trade, develop new energy resource and supply chains, and increase cultural exchanges. The countries of the Silk Road are dynamic, and, thanks to reforms undertaken in recent years, we have strong and growing economies,” Garibashvili added

Currently Georgian Railway led by young and innovative Mamuka Bakhtadze, is completing its ambitious project of delivering goods from China to Georgia in 9 days, bypassing Russia. Georgian PM builds his China vision expressed in the Telegraph UK largely on this project:

Today, most goods travel from China to Europe via a long sea route. By working together, the countries along the Silk Road can transport goods from China to Europe significantly faster and at a fraction of the cost.