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Perspectives for Constructing Solar Power Stations in Georgia

Having implemented the first wind power station construction projects and announced interests expression for another implementation, Government of Georgia plans to explore perspectives for constructing solar power stations in the country.

Government of Georgia and KJSC Caucasus Solar Company will sign an understanding memorandum for carrying feasibility studies in order of explore perspectives of solar power stations construction in Georgia.

Under the memorandum, JSC Caucasus Solar Company will conduct feasibility studies for the following solar power stations: Ksani Solar Power Station, Marneuli Solar Power Station; Kaspi Solar Power Station; Gldani Solar Power Station; Akhaltsikhe Solar Power Station 1; Akhaltsikhe Solar Power Station 2; Gardabani Solar Power Station 1; Gardabani Solar Power Station 2.

JSC Caucasus Solar Company will be able to prepare valuable feasibility studies on due territories for 18 months and submit documents to Government of Georgia. Based on the mentioned documents, Georgian Government will make a decision whether to construct the mentioned facilities. Installed generation of each of the mentioned facilities will be 50 megawatts.

Research works will be carried out in village Ksani, Marneuli-Rustavi, Akhaltsikhe-Borjomi zones and Kaspi and Tbilisi municipalities.

We remind you that, according to experts, efficient solar radiation and its duration is very high in Georgia. Sunshine periods in a major part of Georgia ranges from 250 to 280 days, that is about 1900-2200 hours a year.