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Parliament’s Committee will Supervise RMG’s Performance

On August 24, the parliamentary committee on environment protection and natural resources hosted a meeting of Workgroup on Kvemo Kartli Environmental Issues. The workgroup discussed the part of RMG-implemented program that calls for eradication of environmental damage and implementing prevention measures.

The meeting with representatives of RMG company (RMG Copper and RMG Gold), jointly with Kakha Kuchava, head of the parliament’s committee for environment protection and natural resources, was also attended by Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture Levan Davitashvili, Deputy Agriculture Minister Nino Tandilashvili, representatives of Ministry of Economy, Sakdrisi Protection Committee for Cultural Heritage and Green Policy Public and Research Platform organizations.

„At the meeting we scrupulously discussed how the company fulfills the program agreed with the Ministry. The company representatives provided comprehensive answers to all questions. Now the main thing is how the company will implement environment protection obligations and what effect we will receive. The parliament will supervise the process so as the determined measures be valuably performed”, Kakha Kuchava noted after the meeting.

The company will fulfill all obligations determined by Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection by the end of 2018, RMG executive director Joni Shubitidze noted. The company will spend 30 million GEL on environment protection works for 3 years, he added.

Nino Burchuladze, member of Sakdrisi Committee, noted: “Over the past 4 years this is the first case and I would say an unprecedented case when the Parliament enables to hold a meeting of such format. We welcome this fact and we would like to express our deep gratitude to Mr. Kakha. The process has started and we hope to receive real results ultimately”.

At the meeting the Parties agreed to continue working meeting on permanent basis. In early October representatives of the workgroup, parliament and government will visit Kvemo Kartli region again to examine the fulfilled works.