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Parliament Already Discovered Inconsistencies in Several Tenders

According to Temur Maisuradze, Deputy Chairman of the Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee,  they have already received requested information from state agencies and questions arose in relation to eight tenders.

In particular, Maisuradze notes that there are   tenders which initial cost was 3.7 million, but  after winning the tender the cost increased to  5.47 million. Work had to be finished in 5 months and in fact was delayed several times.

It is interesting that a company wins in a tender because it decreases a price, and after winning doubles  the cost. If there are no other circumstances, then it’s at least a delusion. For this reason, specific details should be clarified how lawful was the price increase.

In this case, according to the rules, the company should be fined, the agreement cancelled and a new tender should be announced.

In his words, the solution can be found as a result of the analysis. Perhaps the law will have to be amended, procedural issues to be refined, the reasons for which a delay will be possible should be revised.

Maisuradze notes that a very serious work will be performed, he cannot say how much time it will take to do the analysis, study and make any decision as information seeking is  time-consuming . He hopes that  next year the first sketches will be made.

Maisuradze raised the issue of studying tenders in August as he   associated it  with the non-fulfillment of the national budget and saw certain corruption risks in it.