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Nenskra HPP will Pay Annual 12 million GEL to Mestia Municipality Budget

The company implementing Nenskra HPP project plans to finance various projects in Mestia municipality. On August 23, Nenskra Hydro and Mestia municipality signed a corresponding memorandum on cooperation.

Mestia municipality Mayor Kapiton Zhorzholiani talks about the memorandum details with BMG.

-What are specific details of the cooperation memorandum and how will it influence Chuberi and Nakra population? 
-We have explored current problems in our population for about 2 years. Through inquiries we have identified key. To properly spend these financial resources and to reap desirable results, we signed a memorandum. Three parties are represented in the memorandum: we, population and the company implementing Nenskra HPP project. We will act as a mediator chain, which will deliver the current problems in our population before the company. We will also assume obligation of exploring and projecting. We want to make the process public. 

-What are key challenges in Svaneti?

-First of all, this is water, sewage system and road infrastructure. These problems are relevant in all Svaneti, excluding Mestia and Ushguli. We make accent on tourism development. Nakra and Chuberi have much potential for development. The company implementing nenskra HPP project has trained local residnetrs for arrainging guestrhouses. The company will build multifunctional administrative building for culture house, library and governor’s cabinet. Ineternetization problem will be also resolved in Svaneti Region.

-The project also calls for implementing educational programs…

-Nakra and Chuberi residents will be the program beneficiaries, however population of neighboring communities may be also involved. The company will train citizens that will be involved in the HPP construction works. We have vocational school in Mestia and a part of training courses will be held in this center, while another part may be conducted in Zugdidi Center.
_The project also calls for developing social enterprises.

-We have huge resources for tea processing industry, processing berry and wastes management. We plan to promote agriculture sector. We have to provide considerable job with our population. We will select a group of able-bodied residents. Svaneti follow a proper way of development and the region will be fully developed. Number of tourism routes and tourists has also increased.

-How will Nenskra HPP project foster economic development in the Region? 

-Municipalities in Georgia depend on free transfers and state budget. After Nenskra HPP construction project, our municipal budget will receive about 12 million GEL a year, in addition. Today our budget is 7 million GEL. Small hydro power plants and Nenskra brought 2 million GEL in 2017. Local self-government will be able to implement projects itself in various villages.