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Mamuka Bakhtadze

Mamuka Bakhtadze to Startupers: You are Most Important Actors in Our Economy

Minister of Finance Mamuka Bakhtadze said that a limited access to capital is one of the primary problems of Georgia. Diversification of the economy is of crucial importance for the promotion of the business sector and economic development.

The Minister assured that amid these challenges more entrepreneurs will have the opportunity for growth and more industries will have the chance for development.

Access to capital is one of the important components of diversification of economy, a fundamental process. A diversified economy creates a more sustainable cycle for healthy economic activity, as businesses have the opportunity to support each other and grow together. This has a positive effect on the county’s economy.

We know that the more entrepreneurs who have the opportunity to grow, the more industries will have the chance to develop, the Minister of Finance said.

Bakhtadze also thanked entrepreneurs and noted that the government should fully concentrate on developing startups.

“The more startupers manage to develop their skills and launch successful business, the more the outflow of intelligent and active citizens will decline. You are the most important players in our economy and the government should be fully concentrated on your development and success.”

“Therefore, I would like to express gratitude to startupers, entrepreneurs, beginner businessmen, because you create employment perspectives for many citizens. But the government should also intensify its support of you to enlarge your capacity and to create more job positions,” the Minister said.