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berdard Kouchner

Kouchner: I Welcome PPP Projects in the Health Sector and Believe Georgia Can Develop Such Cooperation

Kouchner said about this at the end of his visit to Georgia, which was held at the end of November.
According to his words, Georgia today is really commendable in terms of its aspirations and the pace of modernization of the health system.

“I’m convinced that it will take several years and once again coming back to this country, I’ll find some more news about Georgia’s achievements in the health sector. I had a lot of meetings during my visit; I spoke to the Minister of Health, his colleagues, doctors and even students. As a result of these meetings, I got even more desire to help Georgia.

I’m ready to share all the experience I’ve accumulated over the years of work in the health system especially as Minister of Health in France, because in this country, I see a fertile soil in which the results of joint cooperation between Global Alliance and Government will grow

B.Kouсhner also appreciated the results of program of eradication of hepatitis C in Georgia.

“Georgia has become the first country in the world, which shows good results in the fight against this disease. This example should be followed by other states. I’m also impressed how operatively this program is being implemented. But the most importantly, that people recover and start a new quality life,”Kouchner added.
At the same time, the expert noted that the program of eradication of hepatitis C in Georgia is successful due to the international cooperation.

However, B. Kouchner also commented on the project for the reconstruction of 3 hospitals in Tbilisi Georgia, which will be implemented in the framework of public private partnership.

“In Europe, health care is one of three leaders of the sectoral priorities for cooperation of government and business in the framework of PPP. I am a supporter of such a form of cooperation for one simple reason: it allows to achieve the implementation of national level projects in the health sector at lower financial costs from the state. And all this within a reasonable timeframe, which is also important. Georgia is planning a reconstruction of 3 national hospitals in Tbilisi. And in this situation, PPP guarantees high quality standards of reconstruction, installation of modern diagnostic equipment, staff training, creation of new modern laboratories etc…,” Kouchner noted.

The main thing is that at the end, it will allow people to receive medical care very close to European standards in their home country. That is why I welcome the PPP projects in the health sector, and I believe that Georgia is one of the most favorable countries for the development of this form of cooperation.

B. Kouchner also said that he plans to return to Georgia soon in the framework on the reform package which is providing by the Global Alliance in the health sector.