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Khudoni HPP Investor is Unaware of Kakha Kaladze’s Plans

Currently, project implementation has been suspended, David Mirtskhulava, technical director for Trans Electrica, a Khudoni HPP investor company, noted.

“After signature of a final agreement in London, nothing has been done, in reality. The project has been suspended. We have conducted certain exploitation works for 18 months, but then the investor stopped project implementation. However, certain works still continue in terms of monitoring”, Mirtskhulava said.

As to government’s involvement in project implementation process, Mirtskhulava noted: “I think the state is not a good manager of projects”.

Moreover, David Mirtskhulava refused to have information about Khudoni HPP project implementation plans announced by Minister of Energy Kakha Kaladze.

“We do not have any information about this. The company has received no plan”, Mirtskhulava noted and added that in Georgia major energy projects face problems in terms of implementation.

“Major projects like Khudoni HPP are important for our energy independence. In winter we cannot use Enguri HPP power, because electricty consumption grows catastrophically in Abkhazia and they have long exceeded the 90s practice of distribution – 40/60. They consumer more than 50% of electricity generated by Enguri HPP. In case of adding Khudoni HPP, Enguri HPP would generate about 0.5 billion kw/h electricity thanks to  water collected in a quite small water storage reservoir.

Currently, Georgia depends on imports by 70% and our Government has to make due decisions in a short period”, David Mirtskhulava said.

Trans Electrica has already spent more than 30 million USD on preparatory works, he added.