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Kazakhstan’s GDP increased by 4,3% in 2014

Growth of internal domestic product in Kazakhstan for 2014 amounted to 4,3%, Chairman of Committee of Statistics of the NEM RK Alikhan Smailov reported today.
“According to the pre-estimation, the GDP for last year increased by 4,3%,” Smailov said.

According to him, the volume of capital investment in the RK was 6 trillion 574 thousand tenge and increased by 3,9%. The volume of industrial production increased by 0,2% and amounted to 18 trillion 492 billion tenge. The gross output of agriculture amounted to 2.5 trillion tenge and increased by 0.8% compared with 2013 year. In the transport sector the growth was 7%, in the communications sector – 8.5%, in trade – 9%, PM’s official website reported.

According to the Committee, the calculation of short-term economic indicator is based on the change in the index of output at basic industries: agriculture, industry, construction, trade, transport and communications, constituting up to 68% of the GDP.
Kazakhstan’s GDP increased by 4,3% in 2014