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Innovative and Eco-Friendly Technology Introduced at Poti Sea Port

For the first time in Georgia, a new, modern technology of bulk cargo operation has been introduced. Special mobile crane device – called as “Revolving Spreader” reduces the harm caused by the processing of bulk load on the environment, increases efficiency and decreases the risk of human health and safety. At the same time, the turnover and effectiveness of the port is significantly increased.

Revolving Spreader, through which the cargo handling process is operated, is used in 3 countries worldwide (Chile, South Africa, Australia). This innovative device allows the old method of cargo handling, which is connected to the trucks, discharging, storing and then loading into the ships, to be replaced with a simple, more efficient and eco-friendly technology.

Mentioned revolving spreader, is attached to the crane like a standard spreader, but unlike the last one, it rotates for 360 degrees directly to the vessel hold. During such way of cargo processing open containers are used to allow bulk cargo to be loaded directly from the container.

As a result of this process, the port customers also see benefits, “During the traditional method, handling of 5 thousand tons of cargo was carried out in 3 days, which was considered very successful. Today, 10 thousand tons of ship is loaded in 1 day, using only 1 crane,” says the satisfied customer.

The new technology, which has been introduced in Poti port for several months already, allows the company to reduce the above-mentioned negative impacts on the environment twice and minimize cargo loss.

The introduction of modern technology of bulk cargo operation is one of the most important environmental measure in Poti port, minimizing the inorganic dust emission in atmosphere. It is also noteworthy that the loss of cargo by this technology has been reduced from 2% to 1%, which means that at least 2600 tons of copper concentrate will not be emissed in the environment.

“In Poti Sea We share the core values of Maersk and the principles of Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Global Compact, by which we proceed our business.

Our goal is to ensure that business activities of Poti Port are safe and responsible both inside and outside the company. Also, we are constantly trying to bring the benefit of the community in which we are operating and minimize the possible negative impact on the environment by cargo transportation. Our new, innovative project serves this purpose as well as increases the productivity of the port,” – said Klaus Holm Laursen, Managing Director of APM Terminals Poti.

Safety, environment and the health of our employees is company’s priority. The objective of environmental activities is to enhance ecologically safe and sustainable development opportunities, minimize environmental risks and impacts; wastes and increase ecological awareness of employees.

The company plans to use this form of bulk cargo processing continuously, which will greatly contribute to the environment and at the same time decrease cargo loss in the transportation process.