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In 10-15 years, Silk Road will Be Regarded As one of Most Transforming and Revolutionary initiatives of Century

Dr. Anil Gupta, the Head and Professor of the University of Maryland, talked about the significance of the Silk Road Forum and the importance of economic links between the countries in general. As he noted, “in 10-15 years, this Initiative will be regarded as one of most transforming and revolutionary initiatives of this century”.

“I would like to congratulate Georgia and its far-sighted leaders on the economic growth, which confirms the joint efforts of the government and the public sector for creating even more opportunities for people. With the connections that we have, we are encouraging opportunities for trade and reduce infrastructural difficulties, which is the basis for economic development,” Anil Gupta stated.

Anil Gupta also emphasized the importance of the One Belt, One Road initiative and noted that “China has given us a great example of having a good deal of its GDP invested in development of infrastructure since 1995. The Silk Road initiative is a road map of China to introduce its experience to Asia, Europe and Africa. Today we observe barriers and obstacles on the European path, but economic contacts between countries almost always provide stability, mutual understanding and reduce economic difficulties. China has launched the initiative for its partner countries, which should be beneficial for them. Otherwise, it is difficult to see how the ambitions of the Balkan road initiatives will be developed. In this regard, I would like to point out some important factors that should be taken into consideration. These are economics and infrastructure while investment returns are directly and indirectly linked to the economic development”.

According to Dr. Gupta, roads between China and Europe are competitive, “we should see the positive sides of the specific route; we need to see the project implementations as well as equipment and materials employed. It is important that the country encourages the development of infrastructure and we should pay attention to this. It should be accompanied by strengthening institutional capacity, developing people’s skills and only doing so brings tangible effects in this case. In addition to monetization of infrastructure, it is important to build a nice house and connect it with the rest. Many are expecting investments from China; there is a possibility of co-investment from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as well. These co-investors and their work shall promote infrastructural development,” Anil Gupta noted.