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Valeri Kvaratskelia

Implementation of Quality Control of Drugs is Georgia’s Obligation To EU

The Ministry of health is starting implementing new standards for quality control of drugs. The Minister David Sergeenko considers that expanding Generic segment is a prerequisite for encouraging local production.

Georgia has signed Association Agreement with the European Union in 2014. This agreement foresees adoption of new regulations, With particular focus on medicinal products, Georgia is expected to adopt amendments to its national law on drugs and medicinal products and other regulations in terms of registering and licensing these products.

“Without regulations pharmacy can not exist, if there are no regulations on drug control, there will be higher risk for state and public as well, countries that have gone through this way, have already worked out defensive and quality control mechanisms that has to be adopted in our country. The Ministry with the help of foreign and local consultants is trying to reach EU regulations. As for the possible changes, it is a very hard issue, that’s why we made a decision to make some corrections in drug law, which will be know to public soon,” noted Deputy Minister Valeri Kvaratskhelia.

As for Generic drugs, Deputy Minister sees nothing unusual: “Pharmaceutical companies did bring Generic drugs before, and will bring in future as well, If we had only original and brandy medicines on our market, prices would be much more expensive, some countries banned original drugs and oriented on Generic drugs by doing so they decreased the expenses. Generics have their positive sides, with cost. that’s why bringing new ones is not an issue. We need to expand its spectrum.

Consequently, the quality control of drugs should be at a high level, which is exactly this type of drug quality control. Therefore, in the near future the laboratory of quality control of drugs will start functioning in the country.”