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The First Honey Cooperative Enterprise Soon in Georgia

Government program supports beekeeping in Georgia. A new state program has approved the first honey cooperative enterprise to be created soon which about 900,000 GEL will be invested, announced Georgia’s Ministry of Agriculture.

The new enterprise will be equipped with modern technologies in the primary production of honey and other beekeeping products. There will be possible to process at least 2 tons of honey per day and obtain uniform honey.

Beekeeping Agricultural Cooperatives, which have increased the number of scales and honey production, have the opportunity to be a part of a program,produce honey in Cooperative Enterprise and give it the ultimate trademark.

In order to ensure high quality of produced honey all program-participant cooperatives will be obliged to follow the Honey Technical Regulations.

So far 28 cooperatives received 28  honey extractors, 164 cooperatives received 13,931 bee hives and 27 cooperatives were given 61 400 litre capacity 713 tanks.