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German Company – Rose Office is Interested in a Georgian Crab Apple

German Company ”Rose Office” got interested in a bot crab apple. According to EUGeorgia.information, at this stage the demand is for 2 tons of bot crab apple. It may appear in the German market already this year.

Kakheti Bio is a partner of Rose Office in Georgia, which receives various herbal production from local entrepreneurs and cooperatives. Cooperatives are involved in the three – year project -” Collecting and recycling forest non – timber products – the possibility of obtaining markets for women ‘s groups “. The project is implemented by Rural Community Development Agency, OXFAM, with support of Georgia and British charity organization BLF.

According to project coordinator Marika Zarandia, the project is being implemented in three municipalities of Mtskheta-Mtianeti – Dusheti, Tianeti and Mtskheta.

Besides crab apple, the German company “Rose Office” is interested in a wide range of non-timber products, including berries of berry crops (black hawthorn, blackberry), wasp, bot yarrow, sweetbrier and other.

“Our Customer, Company” Rose Office “supplies our product to the whole Europe. Last year we took a furry. To my opinion, if the quality will meet the standards, the Georgian product will have a great potential on the European market, “says Lizi Khniadashvili, the director of the company Kakheti Bio in an interview with EUGeorgia.info.