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Georgia’s Economic Growth Totaled 4.9% in 1H17

In the first half of 2017 Georgia’s economic growth marked 4.9% (real GDP). Highest upturn was recorded in development sector (+18.8%) and hotels and restaurants sector (+10.9%). Communications sector ranks third with 8.2%.

The lowest growth was registered in electricity, gas and water supply-distribution sector (+0.2%). Agriculture emerged an  only sector with negative indicator (-2%).

Chart – Growth in Georgian Economy due to sectors, the first half of 2017:


Economic Sectors Growth Pace
Development 18.8%
Hotels and Restaurants 10.9%
Communications 8.2%
Real Estate Operations 6.8%
Finance Sector 6.6%
Household Economy for Production of Goods and Services for Own Purposes 6.5%
Transport 6.1%
Social, communal and personal services 4.8%
Mining Industry 4.5%
Processing Industry 4.4%
Healthcare 3.3%
Conditional Rental for Use of Own Apartment 2.5%
Trade: Repair of Vehicles, Household Products and Personal Things 2.3%
State Governance 2.3%
Education 1.7%
Product Processing by Household Economies 0.3%
Production and Generation of Electricity, Gas and Water 0.2%
Agriculture -2.0%