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Georgia’s Blood Banks will Participate in a US Training

An International nonprofit dedicated to improving health systems in resource-constrained parts of the world, Global Healing, partnered with Georgia’s National Center for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC) to raise the quality of blood safety in the country’s existing blood banks.

Nearly a hundred Georgia’s blood banks will participate in an educational web series called Topics in Quality Management. The webinar is being conducted by Ruth Selverster, director of Regulatory Services at America’s Blood Centers (ABC).

“Good manufacturing practices are the foundation of all blood operations,” Sylvester told Bloomberg. “And a thorough understanding of these basics is critical to achieve the next level in safety and quality in a blood operation. The Georgian blood system has shown an intense interest in moving forward, and I’m honored to be of assistance to them as they implement quality management throughout their country.”

The series is intended to implement EU standards and procedures in the field of blood safety in Georgia. The webinar will address manufacturing practices, quality management principles, personnel, documentation, internal and external inspections.

Raising blood safety procedures and regulations is essential for the successful operation of the country’s Universal Healthcare System that is being implemented by the Health Ministry of Georgia.

Participants in the webinar series include representatives from Georgia’s NCDC, the Jo Ann Medical Center (JAMC) Blood Bank, the Institute of Transfusiology and Hematology, the Georgian Central Blood Bank (GCBB), Lashvili Blood Bank, and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Affairs (MOHLSA), Bloomberg reports.

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