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Tourists in France

Georgian Tourism Agencies Cancel Tours to Paris

Georgian tourism agencies are canceling tours to France. Agencies cite the current state of emergency in France as the prime reason.

Director of the Georgian Tourism Association Nata Kvachantiradze told CBW that such

events negatively reflect on tourism outflow. Kvachantiradze claims that in such circumstances consumers postpone their travel plans to France.

“Benetour” travel agency is also concerned about the cancellation of the existing bookings.  According to them, today the combined package such as the Prague-Paris has been cancelled.

According to recent reports, the terrorist acts in Paris killed  132 people, while 350 were injured.

The Ambassador of Georgia in France says that the Georgian citizens are not among those killed and injured.

The possible impact on tourism in Paris

The impact of the attacks on travel plans are playing out now at the American company McCabe World Travel, where a lot of worried clients have been reaching out.

“We certainly have gotten a lot of calls from people who are planning to travel next month, who are debating changing their plans,” said travel adviser Beth Jenkins.

Some have canceled trips to Paris altogether. Attacks on Western countries generally don’t have big overall economic impact. But terrorism can hit tourism especially hard.

“That effect will probably be up to three to six months,” said Todd Sandler, a University of Texas at Dallas economics professor who studies the impact of terrorism.

It’s something the popular travel guide creator Rick Steves thinks about a lot. A post on his Facebook page urging people not to be afraid to visit Paris has drawn a big response.