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Georgia Prepears for Global Internetization

“Cartu Fund” will financially support the global, high-speed internet infrastructure development project, Corresponding agreement was signed between “Detecon” (member of Deutsche Telekom group) and Innovation and Technology Agency’s non-commercial, legal entity “Open Net”. 

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Internet access in regions is one of priorities of the government. In order to carry out the project effectively, non-commercial, legal entity “Open Net” was registered on the base of Innovation and technologies Agency.

Preliminary estimations and market study were conducted in terms to procure consulting service. Five leading consulting organizations were invited for participation in the mentioned process. All companies presented preliminary proposal and budget estimations. In order to get clue of the task and develop perfect offer, meetings and video conferences were planned with companies.

After all the mentioned procedures, company “Detecon” was selected. Consulting company “Detecon”, “Deutsche Telekom” group member and has 30-year practice, was selected due to its practice and offered price.

According to Irakli Kashibadze, director of Innovation and Technologies agency, model of global internet access, which will be selected after works implementation, will enable to cover maximally more settled areas within defined budget, in terms to provide modern internet-service to local users.

Global high-speed internet infrastructure project development will be carried out in the whole country. Within the project, internet access will be provided to 2000 settled areas about.

Infrastructure, developed in terms of the project will enable all providers and operators to provide service to users in more than 2000 settled areas without discrimination. Besides, all schools and libraries will be switched to new internet infrastructure.

All consulting work consists of 7 phases, namely, demand analyze, networks design, cost estimation, implementation planning, economic modeling, tender documentation preparation and setting criteria.