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Georgia is One of the 10 countries, Where People Spend Most of their Income on Food

On what do people usually spend most of their money? – “WorldAtlas” published the rating of the ten countries where people spend most of their income on food. Considering the financial expenses and priorities defined by the population, we can assume how strong is the economy in the country.

According to the National Service of Statistics, which publishes the results every year, the lower income people have, the more they spend for food, tobacco and alcohol. We have the same trend in Georgia.

The biggest consumer expenses of 42% are spent on food. Afterwards, we have clothes, shoes, domestic consumption products, healthcare, heating and electricity. Therefore, according to the “WorldAtlas” ratings, Georgia is 8th in the list.

Morocco and Jordan are on 10th and 9th place in the list. In the North African countries, in this case, in Morocco, there is a big Spanish and French influence and the biggest economic force is tourism, agriculture, telecommunication and textile production. They spend 2% less than Georgia on food and restaurants.

The basic food ration consists of bread, chicken and lamb, vegetables, beans and of course sweets. As for one of the Middle East country Jordan, citizens usually spend 41% of their income on food; their diet consists of meat, vegetables and fruit.

Just like Georgians, Ukrainians spend 42% of their income on food. As for the other countries in the rating , these are: Indonesia, Algeria, Belarus with 44%, Pakistan and Kenia with 45%, and the first country in the list is Azerbaijan with 49%.