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Sarajishvili brandy

Georgia is Number one Brandy Exporter in Russia

Exports of cognac from Georgia to Russia has almost doubled, to 1.1 million liters in the first half of 2016, wrote the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

As stated in the report of the Center of federal and regional markets for alcohol (TSIFFRA), from May to June, the Georgian brandy had 48.1% of the beverage deliveries from abroad.

Among the brands of Georgian brandy, which is the most popular in Russia, “Old Kakheti”, “Heart Aragvi” and “Sarajishvili”.

Georgia was able to take place in the Russian market of French cognacs, which have risen in price almost doubled after the devaluation of the ruble.

After the devaluation of the national currency of the Russian Federation, the Georgian producers have reduced selling prices by 10-15%.

Today, the average price for a bottle of Georgian cognac in Russia is 400-600 rubles, while the French drinks cost to consumers of the Russian Federation in 3000 rubles per bottle.