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Georgia to Increase Electricity Exports

Export of Electricity is increased by 5.4% annually in May, and reached 200.1 GWT, according to a Galt & Taggart monthly review.

It is also indicated that the main exporter is Turkey, which is about 42,1% of exports.The export was 38.1% by the end of the year. The largest exporters of Turkey were the owner of 89.0 MW Paravani HPP, Georgia Urban Energy (69.8%) and the newly constructed 47.5 MW Khelvachauri HPP, Adjara Energy 2007 (22.5%).

Electricity exports from Georgia to Russia decreased by 22.6% which is 31.6% out of total export; Export has increased in Armenia by 14.1%, 25.8% of total, the rest of the amount (0.5%)has exported to Azerbaijan .

Esco was the only exporter in Russia and Azerbaijan; Export in Armenia was divided between Esco (49%) and Georgian International Energy Corporation (51%). Esco exported to Armenia in February-April 2017 in exchange of imported electricity from Armenia.