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Fruits and Vegetables Processing Plant Opens in Gori

Minister of Agriculture Levan Davitashvili, jointly with Ioseb Okromelidze, acting as Shida Kartli Governor, has unveiled a fruits and vegetables processing plant of LLC GeoConcentrate in village of Karaleti, Gori Municipality. The plant is equipped with modern technologies.

The plant will produce marinades of caper, cucumber, tomato, pepper, cabbage, garlic, as well as stewed fruits of cherry, white plumb, peach, cornel, pineapple guava, strawberry,  apple, quince, plumb. The company will buy raw materials from local farmers.

Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia has transmitted  20 067 square meter agriculture land plot and facilities on it to LLC GeoConcentrate at symbolic price. The fruits and vegetable processing plant was arranged as part of preferential agrocredit project of Ministry of Agriculture.

Total investments in the enterprise made up 1.2 million GEL, including 650 000 GEL preferential loan.

State financial support has given additional stimulus to entrepreneurs for production development and expansion, Levan Davitashvili said.

“Georgia has strong and rich traditions in agro industry field. Shida Kartli is a special region in this respect. The country possesses all resources for fruit and vegetable production and we should maximally use this potential.

As part of joint agro project of projects management agency of Ministry of Agriculture, 18 new enterprises were opened and 64 ones were enlarged in Shida Kartli Region. Total investments made up 8 391 023 USD, Levan Davitashvili said.

Ivane Goglidze, founder of LLC GeoConcentrate noted that currently the plant employs about 50 local residents and 25 additional citizens are employed on season.

“Daily output of the plant makes up 10-12 thousand tins of stewed fruits and caper. In 2017 we will add new production lines and equipment and enlarge output”, the GeoConcentrate founder said.

The company will manufacture products under name  of Benefit Batono. Initially, products will be sold on the domestic market, but in 2017 the company will also start exports.