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Former Building of Ministry of Economy May Be Dismantled

The former building of Ministry of Economy may be dismantled for constructing a 5-star hotel-boutique there, Peter Lilvik, representative of Hualing company, which owns the building, told Business Contract.

At the same time, the company also considers the availability of adding new floors onto the building. Specific design has not been selected yet, but the new building will be managed by Preference Hualing Tbilisi.

“Having finished developing a hotel design, we must submit it to the Government and then the Authorities will decide whether the mentioned design fits this territory. We have two plans: 1) new floors may be added to the existing building, as well as parking place; 2) the building may be dismantled entirely for constructing a new building”, Peter Lilvik noted.

At the same time, Hualing company will launch construction works after obtaining a due license.

“At this stage we are waiting for a license to launch construction works. Hualing bought the building two years ago, but we could not receive the license until the Ministry would have moved to other building”, Peter Lilvik noted.

The company expects the coming construction works to end in 2019.