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Foreign Investors to Build Three Plants in Sagarejo District

Foreign investors will build three plants in the Sagarejo District, Kakheti. Project will be implemented by Arik Group investment company that will build a winery, dried fruits plant and a pistachio plant.

Arik Group manufactures products by its own raw materials. The company business development manager Mariam Iakobidze told the Business Contact that vineyards will be arranged on 400 hectare land plot, fruits garden will cover 400 hectare space and pistachio will be organized on 400 hectare space. Part of the project will be completed in 2018.

Construction of winery will start in several months. The winery will manufacture 4 million bottles. Investors will direct the product to export markets mainly, both to European and Asian markets.

As to dried fruits production, the company will use its own raw materials. Arik Group will produce dried fruits of peach, apricot, plumb and other varieties. The third enterprise will process pistachio, pack it and distribute in the market.

On the same territory Arik Group plans to build 5-star villas, as part of the third phase of the project. A total of 150 villas will be constructed to offer various entertainment activities, besides eco tourism, to clients. Tourists will be able to play golf, polo, enjoy skydiving. The company will build an airport of domestic importance and buy small airplanes to this end.

“General concept of the whole project is to produce and offer ecologically clean products, free of chemical supplements, and at the same time, create unique Green Tourism Center for the Region”, the company representatives said.

All three phases of the project will be completed in several years. At this stage the company does not unveil precise date of finishing the project and volume of total investments.