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Economy Minister: Kumsishvili: Registration of Land Plots Brought 10 million to the Budget

According to the currency regime, we have full authority to register land plot without any restrictions”, – Dimitri Kumsishvili, minister of Economy explains linked to the registration of land plots, which has taken a campaign character.

New Political Centre has submitted a research on the Ministry’s activity to TV-company “Maestro”. According to Iago Khvichia, head of the Centre, cases of hidden registration cases are being fixed in the several municipalities of Samgrelo and Kartli.

Economy Minister claims, that the registration serves engagement of the mentioned property in economic activity and moreover, the Ministry take extra cautious in terms of private sector not to get damaged.

According  to him, addition explanatory note should be made in the code, which avoids standard procedures to the holder  of a land plot in the Public Registry while submitting document on ownership within the frame of inventory.

According to Standard procedure, the so-called  overlapping commission starts work on the disputable land plots, which operates at the Ministry for 3 years. The commission has discussed more than 1000 cases and changed the registration.

He named example of Tbilisi, where inventory started in 2013. More than 10 million is streamed from the registered and sold property, when the annual budget of the project exceeds 2,5 million GEL.

According to the currency statistics, land plot of 255 000 ha (agricultural, non-agricultural, pasture, arable) is unregistered.

The minister declares, that 1-year moratorium by the state does not mean seizure, as investigation procedure could be extended for years. The most difficult conditions are envisaged as well, when archival material on owner’s heritage is totally damaged.

“As of the norm initiated by us in the code of Public Registry, we should restrict usage of registered land plot at least for a year or more until, the investigation is not completed, even it will continued through 10 years”, – the Minister promises.