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EBRD is Launching Women in Business in Georgia

The EBRD is launching its Women in Business programme in Georgia to drive women’s entrepreneurship.

Charlotte Ruhe,Director of EBRD writes about Georgia women and says EBRD decides to launch special programme for women.
Women entrepreneurs there face many of the same challenges as women across the countries where the EBRD invests, most notably constraints in accessing the finance and the know-how they need to grow their businesses.   

The EBRD Women in Business Programme addresses these issues. It is a regional programme that will cover Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus,Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, made possible thanks to donor funding from Sweden, the European Union’s Neighbourhood Investment Facility and the EBRD’s Early Transition Countries Fund.

EBRD will work with local banks to provide targeted financing products, responding to the needs of women-led businesses, which tend to be smaller than their male counterparts and operate in lower value-added sectors.
They also work with women-led businesses directly, providing advisory services, mentoring, networking and training in core entrepreneurial skills to help their businesses grow.

“We believe that giving women entrepreneurs the skills they need to become more credit-worthy will help overcome the misconception that lending to women is risky, especially as evidence shows that women entrepreneurs are more risk-averse than men.”

Over the course of 2015, it is expected to realise these programmes in 16 countries – leading to more successful women in business in Georgia, the region and beyond.