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Current Gas Tariff to Remain in Force Until May 1

According to Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze, the gas tariff for corporate users will remain in force  until May 1 – for this purpose the state will allocate special subsidies.

“Of course, the government should discuss the issue of what will happen after May 1, whether subsidizing will be continued. Today it was impossible to do it without subsidizing as energy companies found themselves in the loss – we do not want to lose  investors in the energy sector, on the contrary, we are looking forward,”- said Kaladze.

In his words, the retention of the rate until May 1 will cost GEL 15 million.

Irina Milorava,  Chairperson  of the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC), says that the  gas market is deregulated for commercial users, respectively, energy companies determine the tariff themselves.

With regard to information that thermal power plants require a revision of the tariff, in her words, the Commission has not received any requests in this regard.

She considers it natural that the fluctuations in the national currency directly affect the thermal power plant.

“The issue of electricity tariffs are within the competence  of the Commission, accordingly, they will not be able to increase tariffs on their own, and must apply to us,” – she adds