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Currency Market Report for Previous Week and Forecasts

US Dollar recorded the worst indicator of the year on Friday in relation to key currencies. On the one hand, this was resulted by general strengthening of EUR, and, on the other hand, investors’ doubts about political stability of the USA. Trump failed to reform ObamaCare program and this factor makes it questionable whether Trump Administration will be able to change tax code in the interest of business and fulfill fiscal stimulus program promises. It also contains expectations that this year Federal Reserve Bureau will not touch refinancing rate.

Meanwhile, EUR has reached the highest point over the past two years against USD. In September 2015, price of one EUR has not reached 1.17 USD. Yen has seen one month’s record and the price of USD is 111 Yen for a month.

GPB price against USD made up 1.30 USD. Negative attitude to Thereza May frustrates strengthening GBP.

On Wednesday the United Kingdom will publish growth indicators for the second quarter and this will be reflected on the exchange rate. The same decision will be taken in the USA on Friday,

Price of Bitcoin totaled 2850 USD, but later the price declined to 2775 USD.