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Certification of Cereals Seed Underway in Georgia

Certification of cereals seed has started in Georgia, under Government’s resolution on Approval of Additional Conditions for Dissemination of Seed and Plant Materials (N569, December 23, 2016).

Voluntary certification of soy,  sunflower, potato, grain seed will last up to 2020.

It should be noted that certification of grain will become obligatory in 2018. Objective of quality control system introduction of seed and plant materials is to maintain genetic purity, to supply  genetically clean seed material to farmers and to receive high-quality harvest. Moreover, certification system will protect the market from falsified products.

Science-Research Center of Ministry of Agriculture has examined and inspected 1500 hectare land plot for cereals seed, 76 quality certificates have been issued for grain, corn, sunflower, soy, barley and potato seeds, as well as 25 000 certified seed material labels. General condition of 40 plant and 15 seed farms have been also explored.

Science-research Center of Ministry of Agriculture has launched seed material certification project by support of  UN Food and Agriculture Organization in 2015.

Seed materials certification is part of deep and comprehensive free trade space agreement with EU and it opens access to international markets for Georgian entrepreneurs.