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Land and Poverty Conference 2017: Blockchein Technologies in Georgia

The use of Blockchein technologies in Georgia will be discussed at the Land and Poverty Conference 2017. The head of Public Register of National Agency of Justice House, Papuna Ugrekhelidze, will take part in the annual World Bank Conference.

World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty is one of the most important events in the land governance field. Many countries as well as the representatives of private, academic and civil society take part in the conference from all around the world.

“State project of land registration” as a successful example and “Use of Blockchein technologies in Georgia- Revolution in Land Administration Field”: These are two reports Papuna Ugrekhelidze and Elene Grigolia, the manager of “Irrigation and Land Market Development Project”, will present at two different thematic sessions of the conference. 

World Bank Conference on land and poverty is the 18th conference which will take place in Washington D.C. The conference includes topics such as: Land governance and the research of social-economic influence estimation, providing land-administration service, land and urbanization, use of land in order to decrease the risk of investment and disasters, land property protection right, considering equality and sustainable development principles and etc.

In the frame of the visit, the head of Public Register National Agency will meet the heads and investment advisers of the financed project Irrigation and Land Market Development Project in Georgia. The conference will be finished on 24th of March.