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Bavaria Enters the Georgian Market

Bavaria Enters the Georgian Market

The legendary beer brand “Bavaria” enters the Georgian Market. Soon it will be possible for local fans to taste this brand here in Georgia, as it will be produced and bottled in this area.

The official representative of Bavarian Brewing Company will be “Zedazeni”.

“In the recent period, they became interested in Georgian market, particularly, they were attracted with the high-tech factory such as “Zedazeni“, says Vasil Sulkhanishvili, who is the General Director of company “Zedazeni”.

Specifically, they liked the most the installations, quality, company’s rapid development in such a short period of time.

“Our company’s license was validated and we got permission to bottle our production as in bottle drinking glasses, in pets and cans as well”, – stated Sulkhanishvili.

According to him, beer is already ready at “Zedazeni” factory. However, the process of bottling will start from th 25th of March 2016. As a result, the presentation will be held on 29th of March.

Bavaria”, is the type of pilsner, which is the mainstream of consumers. The bitterness of the beer is adapted to Georgian consumers. Due to the fact that there are very high prices set on imported beer, we have decided to produce it in the local area, that significantly lowers prices and the customers will have a chance to purchase high quality goods at lower prices”, announced Vasil Sulkahnishvili.